Wednesday, June 21, 2017


A few months ago I met up with Huong to discuss his wedding suit. He had his eyes set on something gray, but wanted additional accents so that the suit would 'pop' a little bit. After some brainstorming, he showed me a picture that reflected what he envisioned:

As you can see, the gray fabric is nothing too out of the ordinary, but the accents on the suit (contrast lapel and jacket/pocket piping) makes the suit a bit more unique. To add some additional contrast, Huong opted to go with black felt buttons (tuxedo buttons).

I don't always get clients who wish to have lots of contrasting parts to a suit, so this was an interesting project for sure. After hammering out the details (which also included black accent stitching on all buttonholes), here was the end result:

At his fitting, Huong was a good sport and let me snap this picture of him. He was very pleased with the result and - more importantly - so was his fiancé. Together, they got married in May and are now beginning their 'happily ever after'.

Thanks Huong for reaching out to me; it was an honour to suit (and pipe) you up on your wedding day.

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