Monday, September 28, 2015

September's Over?

Yikes - it's been over a month since I last posted. My schedule going into September was packed, but I did not realize how crazy it was going to be. Along with getting married myself over the Long Weekend and hosting some relatives who flew in for the wedding, I was also working with three other wedding parties on their September/October weddings; my wife almost killed me for accepting the work.

It all started on the last weekend of August; my brother had organized a Bachelor Party Weekend on my behalf, filled with too many drinks and too little recovery time. Thankfully, my friends were nice and did not make it their goal to obliterate my liver over the two nights, so I was I was able to meet with Shawn and his groomsmen on Sunday morning to get everyone fitted for their charcoal wool suits. These guys had designed their own pink-accented shirts which I don't see everyday; it was great to see the final product.

Pink bow ties, squares, and shirt accents (though it's hard to see in this pic).

The groomsmen, all suited up for their fitting.

After Shawn's group was finalized, I learned that one of his groomsmen, Yishi, was also getting married at the end of October. Yishi asked if he could also get some suits for his groomsmen, so we decided to have his party come over that same day and get measured up. The wedding is set to take place in the Caribbean in late October, so the guys went with white wool suits to combat the heat. It was a crazy morning, to say the least.

About an hour later, my wife and I ran over to Lucas Haneman's place to get his groomsmen fitted, admittedly a bit tired. But, Lucas and Megan (Lucas's fiancĂ©) were great hosts and the fittings went smoothly. Their wedding actually took place yesterday, and we were honoured to have been invited. I'll have more pictures later, but for the time being I found this this photo of Lucas and his brother Tyler:

Tyler on the left, Lucas on the right.

After I was able to finalize Shawn's, Yishi's and Lucas's wedding suits, we (finally) had time to finish up our own wedding suits. Suiting up my own groomsmen was a logistical Rubik's Cube in itself since three of the four guys don't live in Ottawa, and to make things more interesting, one of them decided to lose about 100 lbs (!) from the date I measured him to the date of my wedding. Leave it up to your best friends to throw you the ultimate curve ball, right? Nonetheless, it was amazing to see his transformation. I don't have many photos at my disposal presently, but Joey Rudd is currently finalizing some photos so I'll be sure to post some soon.

Our wedding (September 5, 2015)

Our wedding came and went; most people say your wedding day goes by too fast, but I actually thought the pace was just fine. Maybe it was the fact that it was held at La Grange put me at such ease. I cannot recommend that venue enough.

After the wedding, we took my wife's parents, who were visiting Canada for the first time, to a few places around Ottawa as well as Niagra Falls. On the way to Niagra we stopped by Toronto and I was able to drop off a few suits to an old friend of mine, Brigs, who now teaches at a private school. The timing could not have worked out any better.

Brigs, in a very sharp teal suit.

Once we returned from Niagra, I met up with a client who was, coincidentally enough, looking for a suit to be made in time for Lucas's wedding.

Doug Forbes, who coincidentally enough, was also
in attendance at Lucas's wedding.

Somewhere in between all the suits, fabrics, threads etc. I managed to squeeze a honeymoon in Mexico. And that was my September. I guess it was a bit crazy.