Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring is (Almost) Here

That mild December we had was too good to be true right? Well, we're paying for it now.


We're officially into Spring, but the City is still being peppered with snowfall and freezing rain, and the forecast is calling for more. Hopefully our fortunes will change soon.

This Spring marked the one year anniversary of EncoreFX Ottawa; YourSuit was honoured to have attended their shin-dig last Thursday, and I want to personally congratulate them on all their success. We've been happy clients with EncoreFX, and they've been very generous clients to YourSuit as well. Last Thursday was filled with great networking and great food, and the guys at Encore even strutted some of their YourSuit suits for the occasion. I should have taken a photo of all of them, but instead my eyes were fixated on sweets (oops!).

Spring also marks the end of second semester at most universities. Riley Weymann, as busy as he is, was able escape from campus for an afternoon to get fitted in his new navy suit, with a little pink shirt for flare. He was a good sport and let me snap a picture of him.

Brian from Avenue Studio (Kingston) also stopped by over the weekend in preparation for his daughter's wedding later this May. His suit was a particularly fun suit to work on because I rarely get a request for an asymmetric waistcoat. Being a stylist, Brian also constantly has his hands extended in front of him when working with his clients at his salon; because of this, he has difficulty finding shirts that give him the proper fit and function. So, we decided to make a 100% cotton shirt for him with a little elasticity in it for added function without losing the fit.

A peak at Brian's suit.

A few wedding parties have also stopped by in preparation for their summer weddings. I'll post a few pictures at a later date; I'd hate to be a spoiler and ruin the surprise.