Thursday, October 6, 2016

the Petronella Wedding

I just got these great photos from Nick Petronella and his wife. They got married this August, and have been happily married for just over two months now.

I had originally met up with Nick back in April to over his suit requirements. Being the fit guy that he is, he's historically had difficulty finding jackets that fit well in the chest and arms. If he does happen to find a jacket that works, it's usually too long, making him appear shorter. (Nick and I are about the same height so I completely understand the frustration.)

So, for his wedding suit we gave him some extra room in the chest and armhole (for functionality), a slightly shorter jacket and a more aggressive taper in the pant leg (for height appearance). He wanted to be able to use the suit in future - both formally and casually - so he chose a navy pinhead patterned fabric; from afar, it looks navy, but closeups will reveal white pinheads. The subtle pattern makes the jacket versatile for both formal and casual events, and since he chose navy, it'll go well with a variety of pants, whether it be khakis, jeans or another pair of dress pants.

Nick and his better half on the wedding day.

Here's a close up of Nick's navy pinhead suit. I can't take credit for the polka dotted accessories, though I wish I could because I absolutely love the combination.

Navy suit, with white pinhead patterns mixed in.

For his groomsmen, the couple went with a matted grey. You can never go wrong with a navy and grey combination, and these guys did a good job pulling it off.

Best wishes to the newly weds; thanks for sharing your photos!