Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year

And just like that, 2015 became history. Time sure flies as you get older, especially come holiday season.

Over the break, I was able to squeeze in a few clients before the ball dropped. I got to meet up with Marc Mathieu, a payment guru at TD, for some new threads to go with his 2016 wardrobe. Marc had seen a navy suit made for Justin Briginshaw and wanted something similar; it'll be ready in the New Year.

Some options for Marc.

I also met up with Beamish from MPC Physio (located in Kingston); he's an old friend of my sister's and was looking for a fresh suit and some shirts. Being the fit guy that he is, he finds shopping for clothes a bit harder; he's a rainbow-size kind of gentleman, in that he needs a combination of S, M and L for most of his clothes. Hopefully going custom will fulfill his needs.

My sister's baby, Jocelynn, catches Beamish and I in the act.

Finally, a few familiar faces stopped by to test out their finished products. In preparation for the slew of presentations he'll be doing while enrolled with Sprott School of Business, Jake Wilson got suited up in a grey pinstripe.

Jake, from the back... or is it EK65?

Mr. Gray also swung by to pick up his black suit and teal shirt. He's actually going to be off to the Dominican in about a week for a wedding; given that the temperatures have dropped significantly, the timing could not have been better for him to escape this frigid weather.

Mr. Andrew Gray.

And that's how we finished off 2015. I'd like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year. Cheers, friends.