Wednesday, May 27, 2015


After consulting with an internet savvy and dear friend of mine, I've opened up a YourSuit Blog. It is here that you'll find the latest news and updates around YourSuit, as well as other tidbits which may be of interest to readers (business, custom tailored suits, style, attire, and otherwise). As a business owner, there are countless challenges that have (and will continue to) come my way, and I hope that some of the experiences I share here will assist someone in their future entrepreneurial adventure. (Which basically means: I definitely screwed this up, so don't do what I did.)

Though the operating name "YourSuit" was only implemented this year, the business itself has been in action for a few years now. I wish I had started posting earlier, but I simply wasn't up to 'social media' speed. Regardless, here is the start.

Thank you to all of YourSuit's clients and supporters thus far. YourSuit would be nothing without you.

Time to get back to work.