Monday, March 7, 2016

Suit Options for the Groom

Noticing the bride at a wedding is pretty easy, but the same cannot always be said for the groom. With a sea full of suits, it can be more difficult, especially if there are fellow groomsmen who are in similar attire. Sometimes I get asked what variations can be done to a groom's suit, so here are some ways to do so:

Go with a different colour.

While not always the case, some grooms who want to be a bit more bold will wear a different colour than his fellow groomsmen. I've always liked the contrast of black and blue (no Back Street Boys reference, I swear), so having the groom wear a bolder colour (like blue) while the groomsmen wear a more traditional colour (like black or grey) can be very complementary. The ensemble at the end of the movie I Love You, Man, always comes to my mind as a great example.

From I Love You, Man (2009)

(If you haven't watched it already, I'd highly recommend it. Paul Rudd's comedic timing could not be more on point, and his wardrobe in the movie ain't bad, either!)

Wear different accessories.

A more subtle - yet still very effective - variation of having the groom stand out is to wear different accessories. This could be in the form of pocket squares, ties, etc. I've found that many grooms also like the idea of going with a 3-piece suit while the groomsmen wear a 2-piece suit. Either that, or the groom wears a different vest colour to stand out.

The vest, in particular, can be a great accessory because it adds more layers and colours, making it great for photos. The only downside I've noticed about vests is that it does add an extra layer to the body, so it the groom may get hot during the wedding (especially if it's in the middle of summer). That being said, the groom could always alternate by taking his jacket on and off, still looking well put together in the vest.

Change up the lapels.

A more subtle change-up would be to go with a different lapel than the rest of the groomsmen. About a month ago, this navy suit was made for TJ Berg, a client of mine who will be getting married this May in Ottawa. To stand out, he and his fiancé chose to add a little black and blue contrast by making the lapels satin black. Out of all suits I've worked with, this one is probably one of my favourites.

There are plenty more options, but these three have been the most popular and effective, in my opinion. I've found that subtleties usually make a better impact than something aggressive, and also allows for suits to be worn in future on different occasions.

Best wishes to all couples who are in the midst of planning their weddings. Cheers!