Thursday, February 16, 2017

the Kearns Wedding

In late 2016, Jeff Kearns and his groomsmen came by to get measured up for some bold cobalt blue suits. It was one of the largest (both figuratively and literally) wedding parties I've ever worked with; I think the average height of each man exceeded 6'3" and I needed a step-stool to measure everyone. Jeff and his group had difficulty in finding a place that could accommodate their tall figures so they decided to go custom. 

Their wedding was held in Toronto. After posting the above picture, it became the most liked post on YourSuit's Instagram. Subsequent to the posting, I've had a lot of people inquire about this colour. It definitely turned some heads.

It's tough to see in the picture, but Jeff also sported a grey vest, complementing the bridesmaids wedding dresses. The grey added a little bit of depth to Jeff's look, and he will be able to wear it in future, whether it be with another suit or with something more casual.

From the pictures, it sure looked like one hell of a party. Congrats to Jeff and Meaghan; it was a pleasure working with you both.

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  1. These are some wonderful dresses (nice color too!). I am getting ready for my brother's wedding as well. The event will be held in one of the Seattle Wedding venues and I want me and my friends to look like this. Nice work there, happy holidays!