Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Colour Guide

I found this very comprehensive colour guide (see below) which shows what types of shoes go well with certain suits. It's a great reference for those who wish to have a little guidance. Hope this helps you the next time you're contemplating what to wear!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Small Business Man (1) - Just Try

Michael Scott, the ultimate Small Business Man.

I mentioned previously that this blog may include topics around business. While general posts have been built around custom tailored suits and budget-friendly style tips, I have finally had time to reflect on the first half of 2015 and I thought I'd share a few tidbits.

YourSuit came from my desire to start a business, fused with my interest in menswear (kind of sounds like Michael Scott's Shoe-La-La, eh?). 

It was formally created at the beginning of 2015; prior to that, I operated under my own name. Looking back at the last six months, I really wish I had created YourSuit earlier; the response has surpassed my expectations, and it makes me wonder where I'd be had I started sooner. But, hindsight is always 20/20 I guess.

Fear of failure was the biggest reason for procrastinating the start of YourSuit. When you want to start something (or create something new), you're taking a risk, and that may ultimately lead to the risk of failure. A second concern I had was the reaction of others; I wondered whether my peers would think I was crazy, in over my head, or just plain obnoxious.

The exact opposite has been true. My colleagues, friends and complete strangers have been extremely supportive, and many have either become loyal clients or brought me referrals. From YourSuit, I've met some really interesting - and inspiring - gentlemen; aspiring athletes, fathers, industry professionals, grooms-to-be and their respective entourages, etc. I was able to snap a couple photos with some of the gents, shown below. 

Dakota Sinclair - stopping pucks (and hearts) since 1995.

Jim Baba, Baseball Canada - looking like a grand-slam.

Tuan Le, OHCD LLP - giving Beckham a run for his money.

Rob Peixoto, Halogen - who has gone through an incredible
transformation (he used to be 300lbs).

Knowing what I know now, I should have started YourSuit years ago. But the act of trying tends to freak a lot of people out, whether it's a new food or something else. Not too long ago I was having dinner with a friend of mine and he mentioned how he's always wanted to start a kale farm; had he told me this a year ago I may have thought he was a bit nuts, but now my first reaction is, "OK, what's step one?"

There will always be a reason (or a person) to tell you not to do something, and the reasons will be valid. In business, it's usually that someone else is already doing it, or that competition is too fierce. But for those who give it a try, the lessons learned from trying, in my opinion, far outweigh the common sense used in abandoning the idea. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, said the Great One, and I could not agree more.

Or was that Micheal Scott who said it...?

Anyway, the first half of 2015 has been great and the second half is shaping up to be quite interesting. A few weddings and corporate events are on the way; I'll try my best to keep this blog updated.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy that summer air while it lasts.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Short Game

Let's face it: most men wouldn't mind being a little bit taller (or a lot taller, and I include myself in that category). Unfortunately, there aren't many options out there for a man to increase his height, unless he's willing to go on the extreme and slip on stilettos, but that's pretty rare. A man could buy a dress shoe with a thicker heal, but other than that, there really aren't any options.

However, there are some tricks that a man can do with his attire which can give the illusion of looking taller (or at least reduce the perception that he looks short). These simple tricks, if done properly, can make a man look taller, more proportionate and, most importantly, sharply dressed. For those who are vertically challenged, it's my hope that these tips below will provide some assistance to you at your next suited event.

Have the end of your tie touch the face of your belt.

No more, no less. A short tie looks extremely awkward, and a long tie creates the illusion that the wearer is even shorter than he really is; therefore, it's best to tie a tie so that it runs all the way down to the face of the belt.

Consider tapering your pants

Some people love tapered pants; others cringe at it, mostly because they think of the extreme (like skinny jeans or George Stroumboulopoulos on HNIC). But honestly, tapering just means that the ankle opening is smaller than the thigh and knee. In fact, a lot of pants advertised as 'straight cut' are actually slightly tapered. By taking in a bit (or more, if you want) at the ankles, you can create varying degrees of tapering, which can make your legs look longer, and hence give you a taller look.

L to R: Skinny, slim, narrow, regular.

Wear shorter jackets and jacket sleeves

I think this single-handedly makes or breaks the perception of the 'short' man, particularly the sleeves because it's so easily noticeable. If you are on the shorter side and you wear a jacket that is even a tad too long, you'll look even shorter, and it'll look like you borrowed your suit from your dad. As mentioned previously, altering the length of a jacket (and/or sleeves) is not very expensive, so it's worth making the adjustments in order for it to fit properly. For the shorter man, try to wear a jacket that ends just before the bottom of your pants zipper; this will leave your legs more exposed, making them look longer. And for your sleeves, try to have them so that they end around the ball of your wrist so that your full hand is visible when your arms are by your side.

Last but not least, do what your mother told you and stand up straight. You have no idea what posture can do for your look!