Thursday, June 30, 2016

Recently Suited

It was a very busy Spring; my wife and I decided to renovate our upstairs bedrooms (sales at Costco will do that to you) and clients were coming in almost every other day to get suited. But now that renovations are wrapping up, I have some time to post a few pictures of the recently suited:

Eric and Andrew met with me way back in February to discuss their May 2016 wedding suits. It was a Gatsby-themed, garden-style wedding; these guys had some pretty ambitious ideas and were open to almost any suggestion. The end result was a grey pinstripe suit for Eric and a patriotic red suit with some cream piping for Andrew; Eric also sported an accent vest that matched Andrew's swatch. It was a fun projected, and the guys were great to work with.

Heather came by around the same time to test out her wedding suit as well. She had actually attended Lucas Haneman's wedding last September - which I also attended - but Heather and I never met. She got married this May, on the hottest and most humid day in the history of Ottawa (seriously, it was ridiculous) in a summer blend two piece grey suit.

Ross-the-Boss (i.e. Josh Rossiter) is getting married this August to an old high school friend of mine. Though the wedding is still more than a month away, his midnight navy three piece suit came in early so he was able to test it out a few months in advance. Good thing he tested it out early; had he waited another week I may have kept the suit for myself. (His body measurements were almost identical to mine - a bit too identical, if you ask me - and I've been itching to get a new navy myself.) As of this posting, this picture is the most liked on the YS Instagram feed. So, everything is going Rossiter's way.

Gab is getting married this July and expressed that he wanted something vintage. He also said that he would like something to combat the July heat, if possible. So, we ended up agreeing on a tan windowpane wool suit and cotton shirt to make things more breathable. I rarely get clients who want to look classic/vintage, but I think he really pulled this off, especially with the chocolate coloured bow tie. (He's also wearing brown suspenders underneath the jacket, adding some vintage to the look.)

And finally, Kyle came by to get fitted in his three piece suit (nicknamed "the Birthday Suit") which was a gift from his wife and close friends. Kyle went with a grey pinhead suit with a blue accent vest; he also picked out a white cotton shirt as well.

Congratulations to the wedding couples, and happy birthday to Kyle. Thanks for getting suited up.

Enjoy the long weekend, friends.

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